Sabtu, 18 Maret 2017



Thanks for everyone who always be there for me anytime and anywhere. Who always share the happiness, love, protection, and help.  I feel so thankful and indebted for my parents, my family , and my best friend. 

My parents always already took care of us since we were born. Parents always provide the best for their children, the best education, the best environment, healthy food. Everything was done only to see their children have a good future and can provide benefits to people nearby and the wider community.

My family is the important thing in the world. Because they are there for me during the up and down and love you no matter what.

My friend  is the person who will help me when I am down, turn my frown upside-down, and make me feel better about myself. We also help each other with schoolwork, and family and friends problems. She helps me through my toughest times, and is there for my best times.

Thanks God for everything you have given me:)….

Senin, 16 Januari 2017

My Last Holiday


Helloo everyone!!
I want to tell you about my holiday last month. My exciting experience when i went to Bali!!!

For  the first time i went to Bali and I feel very happy. But, I went to Bali just with my little sister and my mom. My father was busy with his work and my old sister had to go to her university. I went to bali on thursday until sunday because monday my sister and me must go to school.

Thursday, at 12.00 am we went to Bali by Lion Air plane in Husein Sastranegara Airport. And we arrived to Ngurah Rai Airport Bali at 02.00 am. This trip was very tired but i felt so happy. Afterthat we went to Dreamland Beach. This scenic so so so amazing.

like this:))
I had chance to dreamland beach , it is was very exciting moment for me. I enjoyed in there. The scenic can make me peaceful. I can play white sand wth my sister in the side of the beach.

In Bali we must buy many souvenir because in there you can find many unic items for me, my famaly, and my friend. So after we played in the beach, we must go to Krisna . Krisna is a souvenir store, from clothes hat, bag, many kind of hair pin, milk pie, snack, and many more!!!

Then, after we bought some souvenirs, we went to hotel for take a rest.

Second day, at 07.00 am we are ready for trip. First, we saw traditional dance. The name of this dance is Kecak. Kecak was beautiful dance,
seen from the dancers were very graceful movement. I enjoyed this performance. Then, we went to ceramic store. In here so many unique items made of ceramics. But, the price so expensive because the quality of the items is good. And then we went to Kintamani Restaurant. This restaurant near from Kintamani mountain. So when we ate, we can enjoy the amazing scenic of this montain.
At 02.00 pm we went to Tampaksiring. Tampaksiring is a town in central Bali, Gianyar Regency, Indonesia.The word "Tampak" in Balinese means foot, while "Siring" means Oblique. According to the legend the slope of the mountain where the town stands today, was created by footstep of a king named Mayadenawa. Tampaksiring was also one of the major kingdom during Bali's pre-colonial period.The town is home to Tirta Empul Temple.Tampaksiring is also location of one of the 6 presidential palaces in Indonesia. The Palace was built between 1957-1960 at the initiation of President Soekarno

 Tirta Empul Tample

Afterthat, we went to Krisna again:)) for buy some souvenirs and went to hotel again.

In third day, we decided to played some water game in Tanjong Benoa Beach. My sister and I played two watergames. This is flying fish and donut boat. And then we saw turtle see conservation in Turtle Island.

Afterthat, we went to Ngurah Rai Airport. We arrived in Bandung at 11.00 am. This is a exciting experience for me.